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Berezniki is my native town. It is situated in Perm region in Russia. It was built in 1932 to mine potash-magnesium salt for the production of fertilizers. Around 145 thousand people live here, many of them in houses that are located right above mines. Due to particular characteristics of local mines cracks appear in the ground, which swallow roads, vehicles and buildings. Local citizens live merely in hundreds of meters from giant holes, and because of soil movements flaws show in the walls of dwelling houses, and today almost all the town is covered with them. There have been 8 сracks since 1987 inside the city and near the city, and a new one can appear any moment. It was strange to come back after 17 years and to see that the places where I played as a child became a dangerous zone.

The project was published with the text of journalist Andrey Yakovlev on Meduza.

A crack at the country village Klyuchiki, Perm region

Salt tailings pile

A wall of dilapidated building in Berezniki 

Explosion on the First mine in Berezniki in 2007. The footage from the security camera.

A photo from a personal archive of miner Michail Maltsev

Cracks near the mine in Berezniki

Dilapidated houses in Berezniki

Children in the destroyed building of steam bath on Bereznikovskaya str., 76

A flaw in dwelling house on Kotovskogo str., 38

A crack at school №26 in Berezniki

Dilapidated houses in Berezniki

Salt tailings pile

Abandoned dilapidated building on Rudnichanya str., 12 in Berezniki

Salt tailings pile

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