This story is about everyday experience of a girl who suffers from obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD). It is based on the fragments from personal diary of a girl called Nastya.


People with OCD are haunted by obsessive thoughts and fears (obsessions). To overcome them they invent their own rituals called compulsions. These rituals usually are unoffending, but they help to recover from obsessive thoughts only temporarily, that’s why patients have to repeat them all the time. Their behavior can seem strange to other people, and persons suffering from OCD are often put into isolation, what makes the illness even worse. There are around 4 million people with OCD in Russia


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But no matter how people are afraid of mental disorders and no matter how they stigmatize them. Illness is the part of me and I am the part of the world and of the society. The illness is the part of me and I am not ashamed of it. Do not stigmatize people with mental disorders, it ‘s not always about voices in the head that appeal to kill. It’s just a peculiar way of thinking and feeling. And to those who suffer from it, I am saying: do not be afraid that something is wrong with you