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I started doing this photo project as a volunteer photographer in foundation, which helps hospices*. At the beginning I thought that it would be some kind of photo report that documents everyday life of one of Moscow hospices. But the more I was taking photos, the more I realized that first of all I was documenting my own perception and experience of this place. And my perception was changing from some kind of fear in front of terrible disease and death accumulated there to the feeling that it was the place of life despite the fact that life was close to death. For me this project became some kind of visual investigation about personal dimension of life time. At first it seems that time is frozen there because everyday life in hospice consists of small number of simple procedures and rituals. But I feel that time just flows in a different way there. Every moment there had very high density of living for person. Just as it seems to us that subject is motionless, although in fact it rotates with great speed. And I tried to catch in my photos this special and very private life dimension.  

*Hospice is a medical institution for  palliative care to terminally and seriously ill people. The etymology of the word itself helps to understand a lot. Hospes, hospitium (lat) in the 6th centure were places of hospitality for the piligrims.  Usually located along roads hospices served as nursing houses for tired ,  ill or dying strangers .
Pallium (lat) – covering, cape, haven for  those who were left in the cold and without protection .




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