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This photo project is dedicated to the life in a nunnery. It is located on Zhiteney island at lake Seliger in the mid of Russia. The nunnery appeared 300 years ago, had difficult fate and several times was almost completely destroyed. Today about 150 persons live there. Also the House of Mercy, a nursery and its own school were founded there. Women with children, who got in difficult life situation, persons with disabilities, people who are homeless and need support come here. Many women keep living and working in the monastery for years, some of them take the veil. For a random person nunnery is very unusual and closed world with a lot of strict limitations. Women change their names there, change the rules of their lives and even their language for every day communication. But when I learned stories of these women I saw that they perceive it as blessing. For them the convent is not just a shelter, it also gives them vitality and faith to live.



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