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Olya – the girl, who lives in the nunnery in Tverskoy region. Olya has Down syndrome. The doom of many children with this diagnosis in Russia is to live fast in total isolation. The system of remedial education for “sunny kids” does not socialize them. Most of them spend their life inside specialized orphan houses or within four walls in parental home, do not get any vocational training and consequently no job. Olya’s mother was trying to get any opportunity for education and development of her daughter in secular world for many years but found it only in the nunnery. Just here Olya was graduated from the school, got some professional skills and left her anxiety and isolation. Just here she feels herself as a full member not only of monastic community but of the society. Olya is actually the sunny child and perhaps one of the most attentive and joyful person I have ever met.


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