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Burnt out public spaces inside the city can be identified as destroyed anthropogenic environment deprived of its roles and functions, just fragments of dead tissue inside the city. They cause feelings of horror and at the same time entrancement. 

Entrancement by the fire can be explained by its powerfulness that wipes out grey lifeless material that fulfills the city. Ugly colorless buildings where we have to go for work interrupt the horizon and mess landscape. Buildings become second nature that we can´t get rid of and often dream to escape from. 

At the same time we are terrorized by the fire because its destructive power is outside us. It has behaved according to its own scheme and can´t have control over it. The growth of fire and its consequences are unpredictable and beyond our control. Moreover, sometimes a man himself becomes victim of the force of nature. I have taken photos of those burns on the body of the city, of left imprints, destroyed structures and surfaces and misshapen objects.  


Locations of shooting: tyre store on Polyarnaya str., warehouse of plastic production on Amurskaya str., “Sindika” shopping center, public sauna in Mytishchi disctrict, car service center in Shchelkovo district.

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