October 17, 2018 at 11.40 in the Kerch Polytechnic school in Crimea began the break. The students went to the canteen. A few minutes later, an improvised explosive device detonated there. According to the official version of Russian police, a student Vladislav Roslyakov brought in the school a sports bag with explosives, as well as a pump-action gun. After the explosion, he started shooting at the students. 22 people were killed, 45 wounded, Roslyakov shot himself.


Most students do not believe the official version and say that it was a terrorist attack, and there were several shooters. The tragedy has acquired a lot of conspiracy theories. Some of them are connected with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea.

This photo project  is about trauma and fear, when everyday life collapses in one second, and the essence behind it is uncontrollable and shadowy.


School break